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Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is recognized as a leader in Northern, VA in providing state of the art treatment of several musculoskeletal conditions and comprehensive care of various other spinal disorders. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-altering experiences. These are the brand of success stories that the staff at CCR make possible every day. You may also watch an introductory video to our practice to get a feel of what a day is like in our office. Enjoy!

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  • "Dr. Hegazi is fantastic. He has been my doctor for a while now, I came to him as an athlete with back pain and knee pain after doing Triathlon for 3 years. After treatment with him, my back made a significant turn, along with my knee, and I was able to train for and complete my first marathon with very little to no trouble. He provided me not only with treatment in the office, but I left with all different kinds of ways to help my pain once I had left the office as well. I also went to him after a car accident where I ended up with whiplash. Only about a week or two later, my neck was significantly better, and it did not take much longer to return to normal. He is extremely friendly and easy to converse with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from any kind of chronic pain. I definitely saw results after treatment with him."
  • "I first started going to Dr. Hegazi because of chronic back and leg pain.  I have suffered from back and leg pain the majority of my life.  I was referred to the Concept Chiropractic and Rehabby a colleague and I am glad I went!  I had been to many doctors in search of a relief...just before I went to Dr. Hegazi's office I had been taking pain killers prescribed to me that offered me little to no relief.  Dr. Hegazi took x rays of my spine and explained why I was having pain and was able to get rid of the cause of my condition.  Within two weeks I felt relief...I have continued to feel better.  I have my energy back and do not suffer from the pain I once had.  Thank you Dr. Hegazi!"
  • "Dr. Hegazi is the most thorough chiropractor I have ever worked with. He worked to make sure that my pain was relieved quickly and provided rehabilitation to ensure that the pain would not come back. An excellent chiropractor." 
  • "I was in a car accident in April where they had to replace a third of my car. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep; sitting and standing were difficult.  I had seen doctors and spent a night in the hospital I was in so much pain. My dad recommended seeing Dr. Hegazi. My dad had been coming to the Concept Chiropractic and Rehabfor sometime before the car accident and raved about Dr. Hegazi and his staff. I decided to give it a try. The one thing I did not want to hear was any suggestions for pain relievers or other medications...I had heard that enough. I wanted to feel better not just mask the symptoms.  Dr. Hegazi right away talked about a holistic approach to feeling better.  We discussed exercise and posture. I was hopeful in that there were no recommendations made to hide my pain but to actually address and solve it.  I remember when I was getting ready to leave after my initial appointment dr. Hegazi said you will feel better and he is right...I do! I can sit stand and sleep in comfort. I honestly never imagined I would feel this good."
  • "As a Home Inspector, range of movement and suppleness are absolute necessities in an attic or crawl space. Dr. Shirine Hegazi has improved my enjoyment of my profession by eliminating the muscle spasms in my upper back, lessened my headaches and I have drastically cut back my use of pain relievers."
  • "I was an immediate convert from skeptic to passionate advocate of Chiropractic care many years ago after seeing a Chiropractor for a bad neck problem, but Dr. Shirine Hegazi took the whole experience to another level.  I've been to Concept Chiropractic and Rehabon two occasions, for back pain and whiplash from a car accident, and never have I been treated so thoroughly; if possible Dr. Hegazi is 3 doctor's in one: a Chiropractor, an Internist, and a Physical Therapist.  His thoroughness in treating you appropriately is matched by his passion and enthusiasm for what he does.

    As an Aflac Associate I've had the opportunity to refer some of my clients to Dr. Hegazi, and they all concur, he's the best they've seen.  One of my clients wrote me an email that even his office manager, Amira, enhanced the professional experience for her beyond her expectations ~ and she's now one of his repeat customers, having been helped tremendously through her pregnancy!"
  • "I was interested in Concept Chiropractic after learning of the Graston technique.  Dr Hegazi has mobilized post-surgical scar tissue in my knee, and I am recovering faster than I thought possible.  Additionally, the work he has performed on my neck has helped me to avoid more invasive cervical injections.  I’m experiencing a dramatic reduction in pain from both injuries, as well as increased athletic performance.  

    I would recommend Concept Chiropractic and Dr Hegazi to anyone with joint pain. His care is making a huge difference in my well-being."
  • "I had problems with my lower back from a soccer injury which affected my walking and sitting. I was told by another chiropractor that I would need surgery which I was considering investigating further. But having learned of Concept Chiropractic and Rehabfrom friends, I came to see Dr. Hegazi. He was able to relieve the pain in my lower back without surgery and I'm back playing soccer. I would recommend Dr. Hegazi and his wonderful staff to anyone who thinks they have tried everything and have not seen results. Thanks!"
  • "After enduring well over a month of knee pain, I decided to try a different approach for my medical care. I had never been to a Chiropractor before; however, I was determined not to settle for the kind of care I had previously experienced in the past- a few rehabilitation visits and a prescription for pain medication.

    My son encouraged me to visit Dr. Hegazi, and I am very happy to say that I am glad I listened to my son! Dr. Hegazi took a detailed assessment, and x-rays during the first visit. Upon my next appointment, he met with me to give me his full evaluation and plan of care. I could clearly see that the"orthopedic problems" I thought I had to live with could be improved, and all of those conditions were related, including the neck pain and TMJ I have had for most of my adult life.

    Dr. Hegazi used the Graston technique on my knee, in addition to other treatment and exercises, and I can truthfully say I did not need to take  any Advil or Tylenol for pain, which I had been taking on an almost daily basis. I am continuing with my exercises at home and therapy with Dr. Hegazi, and have steadily improved in my physical functioning.

    His office staff is very kind and courteous, and I was given many different payment options for the complete care plan so that I could afford the care I needed. This is unheard of in today's medical system.

    While I try to stay away from doctors' offices as much as I can at my age, going to the Concept Chiropractic and Rehab feels like going to a spa for relaxation and wellness therapy. Dr. Hegazi's practice is fundamentally rooted in caring, and this makes all the difference in the healing process."
  • "I have suffered lower back pain on and off for almost 20 years.  Until recently I thought the pain was something I would have to live with the rest of my life.  I also thought the only option I had to get rid of the pain would be surgery.  
    Dr. Hegazi and his staff have given me relief that I could never have imagined.  I have received excellent treatment (PT, Adjustments, etc.) from he and his staff in his office.  He has also given me a home exercise/stretching routine that has provided me with unbelievable pain relief.  I highly recommend Dr. Hegazi and his very attentive staff to anyone experiencing chronic pain."
  • "I have been activey receiving treatment from Dr. Hegazi for over a year and it is without reservation I recommend anyone to Dr. Hegazi. Dr. Hegazi is an expert with sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and chronic/traumatic back pain/injuries. He is very detail oriented in explaining your prognosis and takes the time to create a personalized environment for his patients."
  • "Dr. Hegazi is a dedicated and caring chiropractor. He listens carefully and talks through potential treatments and steps to take on your own. He has a deep committment to healthly living, nutrition, and physical fitness all of which he brings to his practice."
  • "For years, my wife experienced severely limited range of motion in her left arm after a car accident, unable to painlessly raise it more than 90 degrees. After 2 years of ongoing treatment through numerous orthopaedists and physical therapists, results frankly sucked. In our first visit, Dr. Hegazi was able to confirm a minor rib dislocation, and my wife immediately regained full motion after being adjusted. Based on the results and improved lifestyle both her and I have experienced as a result of his care throughout the years, I highly recommend Dr. Hegazi for your chiropractic and rehabilitation needs."
  • "Dr. Hegazi was extremely helpful in dealing with my back and post-accident pain. He was diligent and consistently determined to find solutions that would help my recovery. He was also creative and would enthusiastically devise exercises that were specific to me and my well-being if a previous solution did not yield the best results. I would strongly recommend him as a Chiropractor for anyone."
  • "I first came to Dr. Hegazi when I was 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing severe back pain due to sciatica. After coming in for regular sessions as well as learning exercises to do at home, I feel significantly better. I sleep better through the night and I believe that I have more stamina then I would if I wasn't coming in regularly for adjustments with Dr. Hegazi. He has even helped me with my seasonal allergies! I recommend Concept Chiropractic to all my pregnant friends since medication is not an option during pregnancy and pain is to be expected. I'm currently 32 weeks into my pregnancy and planning to have a natural birth that will be eased due to the exercises Dr.Hegazi has taught me."
  • "Dr. Hegazi is the consumate professional. From the time you enter his office, you feel as if you are at a resort spa, rather than a Doctor's office. I've been very impressed by his professionalism, intelligence, and passion for the work that he does. Fortunately, I haven't needed to see Dr. Hegazi as a patient; but I have sent numerous clients and friends his way. I can say without reservation that they have all been very pleased, and at times, profoundly surprised by the small"miracles" that he has been able to work. Dr. Hegazi’s skill and knowledge are wonderfully refreshing and I can highly recommend his work to anyone in need of chiropractic assistance."
  • "Dr Hegazi is very caring, thoughtful and knowledgable! His office is very professional, never late and makes the visit always pleasant. He has been instrumental in helping me with my back and spinal issues and I would highly recommend him and his practice to anyone." April 16, 2009
  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Shirine Hegazi. He is an amazing chiropractor and knows more about this business than most. He is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. Dr. Hegazi has worked on my daughter who is a triathlete and has been in a couple of car accidents. He has been wonderful working with her to get her healed and back to running and competing again. I frequently recommended him to my friends and my own massage clients."
  • "After many years of back related issues, I had seen several orthopedic doctors and surgeons, encountered months of rehabilitation, I even tried acupuncture.  The acupuncture was actually successful and relieved the pain in just a few sessions.  The problem is that it did not cure the real problem of my degenerative disc disease, rather just relieved it temporarily.  Then I was referred to Dr. Hegazi, who came highly recommended.  His techniques have proven to be extremely effective in not only alleviating my constant pain, but has seem to make it disappear in only a couple of months of treatment. I would like to thank Dr. Hegazi and the staff of Concept Chiropractic and Rehab for their continued care and support."
  • "Dr. Hegazi approached my treatment with a positive attitude, a long term view of possibilities, and a consistently optimistic attitude toward what could come of hard work, doctor-patient cooperation, and conscientious exercise.  He remained attuned to the trajectory of my progress and devised creative solutions to problems as they arose, and clever alternative stretching and strengthening routines that fit my capabilities.  He was ever confident that this would all make a difference.
    And it did.  In the course of a remarkably short three or four weeks of unwavering commitment on my part to morning and afternoon exercise, and a prescribed course of treatment at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, I found myself much more conscious of my posture, able to twist and turn in the course of simple, everyday activities without pain, and capable of doing simple things such as raking the lawn, bending over to pick up a newspaper, hoisting my briefcase en route to work without enduring pain and discomfort that had become a constant feature for me.

    Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is a cheerful, friendly family practice.  The office is neat, clean and efficient, and the small staff work closely together in a professional way.  They clearly care about their clientele."
  • I would highly recommend Concept Chiropractic and Rehab!  I came to Dr. Hegazi several years ago with hip and leg pain that I had been dealing with for three years.  I had seen various other doctors with no results.  Dr. Hegazi used a new technique called Graston and I became pain free very quickly!  I was so impressed with how fast my pain went away and stayed away!  Dr. Hegazi and his staff are professional, competent, and easy to talk to.  His office is very clean and organized which I really like.  Over the past two years I have been in to see Dr. Hegazi for upper back/neck pain, and lower back pain. Each time I was amazed at how quickly my pain went away after treatment.  I am also very impressed with Dr. Hegazi’s knowledge of exercise and how to use it to keep your pain away."
  • "I've had pain in my lower back for many years. Once I visited Dr. Shirine, he pinpointed the issue and after several sessions, the pain was reduced dramatically through several adjustments as well as him explaining what I can do in my lifestyle that can keep the pain away"
  • "To the wonderful staff of  Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, just a short note to express my gratitude to all of you for the superior care and attention you have given me over the last few months. My original appointment had me in chronic lower lumbar and neck pain. Dr Hegazi quickly diagnosed my issues and proposed a comprehensive and holistic plan which we have strictly followed. I now have regained over 50% mobility and am no longer restricted in my activities. At this rate I will be 100% healed in a few months. Thank you for everything."
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