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Auto Accident Doctor in Fairfax Helps Locals with Whiplash Injuries

Auto Accident Doctor in Fairfax Helps Locals with Whiplash Injuries

For those in Fairfax with whiplash seeing a doctor who focuses on auto accident injuries is essential. That’s because whiplash can be difficult to diagnose and equally difficult to treat. At Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, Dr. Shirine Hegazi understands the complexities of this often puzzling injury. He knows that if you’ve been in an auto accident, especially one in which your vehicle has been hit from behind by another, that it’s important to seek sound medical help at once.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries Dr. Hegazi diagnoses in his Fairfax auto accident victims. Symptoms that indicate you may have whiplash include:

·    Neck pain and stiffness
·    Shoulder pain and stiffness
·    Arm pain and/or weakness
·    Back pain
·    Dizziness and/or vertigo
·    Headache
·    Fatigue
·    Blurred vision
·    Ringing in the ear
·    Jaw pain

Symptoms may develop quickly or they could take days, weeks, or months to manifest themselves. Because a whiplash injury may not immediately present itself, it is important that motor vehicle accident victims see a doctor as soon as possible.  A medical professional who is trained in dealing with auto accident injuries can spot developing symptoms or potential problems that the patient may not recognize.

Proper Treatment

When visiting the Fairfax office of Dr. Hegazi those who have been in an auto accident will first be examined and evaluated for whiplash and other injuries. If a careful examination indicates an injury, treatment starts immediately. At Concept Chiropractic and Rehab patients enjoy treatments that are safe, noninvasive, and natural. By using gentle chiropractic techniques, Dr. Hegazi is able to open the body’s channels of communication that promote healing.

Those who are suffering from pain and other symptoms will often start to feel relief immediately. After numerous visits most patients enjoy marked improvement. During the treatment process, the victim is continuously monitored for improvement and for any additional symptoms that may be related to their whiplash or other accompanying injuries.

Chiropractic and Physical Rehab

Once the whiplash sufferer’s condition improves enough to warrant it, they may also participate in physical rehabilitation. Rehab aids whiplash patients in a few ways. It strengthens muscles in the affected area, helping to prevent a reoccurrence of symptoms or further injury, and it increases blood flow in the injured region, which speeds up the healing process.

Fairfax Whiplash Victims Find Relief

Those who seek help in Fairfax from a practitioner specializing in auto accident injuries, such as Dr. Hegazi at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, find that the effects of their whiplash injury are minimized by undergoing a timely examination that leads to an accurate diagnosis. Too often those who are in a fender bender will wait too long to seek treatment for injuries that are difficult to recognize. Often this results in a prolonged rehabilitation period. Pain may be more acute and physical activity more compromised.

Seeking help immediately after an auto accident is always the best thing to do whether or not symptoms present themselves.

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