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Chiropractor in Fairfax Helps Residents Relieve Bulging Disc Pain

Chiropractor in Fairfax Helps Residents Relieve Bulging Disc Pain

For those in Fairfax, VA suffering from back pain caused by a bulging disk relief can be difficult to find. Along with being painful, a herniated or bulging disc can greatly inhibit movement and physical activity. For some people it can be impossible to find relief. Even the simplest activities, such as sitting, walking or driving, can become a distant memory.

Many times people will seek help from painkillers. Drug therapy dulls the pain but it does nothing to heal the damage. In addition, drugs have numerous side effects, and they mask the pain, making it difficult for the injured person to know if their activity is aggravating the problem or causing more damage.

Disc Herniation

Discs made of cartilage separate the vertebrae that compose the spine. These discs, which have a soft, gel-like substance inside, protect the spine from shock, offering a cushion whenever there’s any type of movement for the separate vertebrae.

Herniation occurs when some type of trauma causes the disc to rupture and the soft gel inside to bulge out through the outer layer. The person feels pain when the ruptured outer layer, which is being pushed by the soft center, impinges on and irritates a nerve root. Fairfax

Herniated Disc Causes and Symptoms

The discs that separate the vertebrae are under a lot of pressure. Improper lifting of objects, repetitive movements that are strenuous and violent actions, can damage them. Smoking, obesity and age can take their toll on the spine too.

Symptoms include pain that radiates down an arm or leg, weakness in a leg and tingling or numbness in an arm or leg. Also, those with herniated discs may lose control of their bowels or bladders.

Chiropractic Treatment and Rehab

Those in Fairfax, VA who suffer from bulging discs find relief through Concept Chiropractic and Rehab as Dr. Shirine Hegazi offers a combination of chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation therapy. In combination, these treatments can be very effective.

Chiropractic treatment, unlike drug therapy, focuses on alleviating the pressure on the irritated area and encouraging the body’s ability to begin the healing process. Patients feel relief from pain and eventually, as the soft gel retreats, it can subside entirely.

Once the healing process progresses to a certain point the patient can begin physical rehabilitation, focusing on strengthening selective back muscles to give further stability to the affected vertebrae. Also, rehab will encourage further healing as it helps to promote more blood flow.

Gentle and Natural

The process that patients enjoy when they go to Fairfax, VA chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi is direct, gentle and progressive. Those seeking a cure can find it through a process that is entirely natural and extremely effective. Those who have been affected by auto accidents, sports injuries and the wear-and-tear of heavy physical labor and find their discs compromised have hope through the therapies of Dr. Hegazi.

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