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Chiropractor in Fairfax Offers Therapy and Rehab for Auto Accident Injuries

Chiropractor in Fairfax Offers Therapy and Rehab for Auto Accident Injuries

The latest statistics from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles states that over 43,000 vehicle crashes and more than 61,000 auto accident injuries occurred in the state in 2010. Those injuries are the ones that were reported. But the fact is many victims who seek out a Fairfax chiropractor do so after the accident report has been filed.

Often victims feel fine immediately after an accident.  However, more often than not these victims develop serious symptoms days, weeks or even months later. When these people finally do seek help, they find that their injuries have progressed and they are experiencing ongoing pain, fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder and other symptoms. Many who have been injured in auto accidents discover that a combination of chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation can offer numerous benefits.

Benefits of Dual Treatment

Those who have been in an accident require individualized treatment that can help healing in various ways. In Fairfax, VA, Concept Chiropractic and Rehab offers auto accident victims individualized treatment for whiplash, disc problems, broken bones and more that attacks injuries on two fronts. This can greatly facilitate pain relief, increase mobility and encourage a thorough recovery.

By combining chiropractic and rehab and utilizing these services in the same facility, a patient is able to more efficiently coordinate their treatment. This means that they can first get the healing benefits of chiropractic care, which stimulates blood flood, relieves pressure on nerves and joints, muscles and bones and allowing the body to heal itself. Once the patient gets to a specified milestone in the healing process, physical rehab is then used to strengthen the affected and surrounding regions, create greater flexibility and encourage better health overall.

Working Together

As auto accident patients have found in the Fairfax, VA office of Dr. Shirine Hegazi, services offered by Concept Chiropractic and Rehab work together to ensure those suffering from weakness, pain and other physical problems get maximum benefits from treatment. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and both chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation are focused on stimulating the natural healing powers of the body.

Getting Diagnosed Early

One thing that often occurs with auto accident victims, especially those who have been in fender benders, is they often decide to forego medical treatment since immediately after the accident, they feel fine. It’s later that symptoms develop. Those who in the Fairfax, VA area who have been in an auto accident, even a minor one, should be evaluated as soon as possible. An additional complication that often happens is that those in auto accidents will settle with insurance providers before all symptoms are evident and injuries understood. Some injuries can take weeks to surface.

Thus, early diagnosis, ongoing evaluation and proper treatment by a trained and experienced medical professional such as Dr. Shirine Hegazi at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is essential to ensuring your recovery is as complete as possible. Injuries from automobile accidents, even those that appear to be insignificant, can develop into chronic and serious conditions. It’s in the best interest of each accident victim to attend to any possible injury without delay.

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