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Chiropractor in Falls Church Helps Locals Get Rid of Sciatica Pain

Chiropractor in Falls Church Helps Locals Get Rid of Sciatica Pain

Sciatic pain can be nagging, unrelenting and debilitating. When someone feels sciatica they are not suffering from an injury to the sciatic nerve, but rather their sciatic nerve is being aggravated by an injury to an area in the back. Most often, it’s a herniated or irritated disc. For those with sciatica seeking help from a Falls Church, VA chiropractor there is an answer—Dr. Shirine Hegazi of Concept Chiropractic and Rehab.

Those in auto accidents, with sports injuries or who have used improper techniques when engaged in physical activity may find that they have sustained an injury that results in sciatic pain. The symptoms may at first be hardly recognizable but over time they can become more pronounced and eventually severe.

What is the Sciatic Nerve?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest single nerve in the body. It is located in the lower back, runs into the buttock and down through the lower limbs. When it is irritated the pain can be extremely excruciating as it travels along the entire path of the nerve.


The pain from sciatica is often felt in the lower back, into the knee and even further down the leg to the foot and toe. The pain may be stinging or it may pulse. It will be intermittent at some times and other times constant. When it starts it may be hardly noticeable.

Common symptoms include a mild tingling, dull ache or numbness in affected areas. Muscle weakness in the leg or foot is not uncommon. Sufferers often end up favoring one side of their body over the other, which can create even more imbalance and pain in other regions. Burning sensations on one side of the body can occur and the feeling of pins and needles in the toes and foot is often felt.

The pain from sciatica can be stabbing, making it difficult for people to move, walk or sit. Finding a comfortable position can be close to impossible until real relief is attained. Although patients are often prescribed pain medication, the fact is drug therapy will not cure the problem nor cause of the sciatic pain. However, patients seeking help from a Falls Church, VA chiropractor have benefited greatly from natural, noninvasive therapy.

What Chiropractic Treatments Do

People who develop sciatica will get quick relief from noninvasive, gentle chiropractic treatment. Although techniques relieve sciatica, they are meant to cure the injury to the damaged disc that is causing the irritation. Often the jelly-like substance in the damaged disc is bulging and impinging on the nerve. As stress is relieved in the disc and healing commences, the bulging is reduced and the sciatic nerve is no longer compromised.

Solving the Problem

Patients of a Falls Church, VA chiropractor such as Dr. Hegazi have found that they can find relief and a real cure. After using chiropractic treatment to heal the damaged disc, patients may then use the rehabilitative services at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab to strengthen their back muscles and the area around the disc. Using this process, those with sciatica find a real solution.

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