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Chiropractor in Merrifield Helps Locals Suffering with Herniated Discs

Chiropractor in Merrifield Helps Locals Suffering with Herniated Discs

A herniated disc can cause debilitating pain. Those in Merrifield who want natural relief can find it from a local chiropractor. There are many benefits to seeking natural chiropractic treatment for a disc problem. Such treatments are safe, noninvasive and carry no side effects. Those suffering from pain will usually experience some relief immediately and may eventually be pain free.

Disc Problems Are Very Painful

When one suffers from a herniated disc the pain can be unbearable and the sufferer may find even the slightest movement impossible. Many with such pain cannot even find comfort when lying down.

A herniated, or as it is also called bulging or ruptured disc, demands medical attention. Many patients first seek help through over-the-counter or prescription drugs. They may cover up or mute the pain but these do nothing to solve the problem. Why is this condition so painful?

The discs, which are cartilage (a gel-like substance) that separate the vertebrae in the spinal column, are under constant pressure. Over time and due to various stresses the discs can weaken and degenerate. The cartilage may be pushed out and protrude into the space occupied by the spinal cord and nerve roots. When the disc does so, it causes pain. Most herniated discs are found in the lower, lumbar region of spine.

A herniated disc can cause sciatica, which is an excruciating pain than runs through the buttocks and down one leg to below the knee and sometimes to the foot. A burning, sharp stabbing pain and numbness can be the result of this condition. Motor control in the leg may also be a result of sciatica.


Pain from a herniated disc may be ongoing or periodic. Along with pain in the back area, it may radiate down an arm or a leg. Leg weakness may occur and the sufferer may have trouble lifting the front part of their foot. Numbness may ensue and there may be tingling in one leg or arm. Loss of bowel or bladder control may also be experienced.

Chiropractic Solutions

A chiropractor in Merrifield can offer local residents relief from herniated discs. After a thorough examination to determine the extent of the damage, the practitioner will utilize safe and gentle spinal manipulation to alleviate stress in the affected area and allow the body’s natural healing process to begin. After sometime, with pressure relieved, the disc may no longer impinge upon the nerve and it may go back into place.

Risk Factors

There are various ways to reduce your risk of experiencing a herniated disc. Lifting an object by using your back muscles rather than leg can cause damage. Always use proper form when lifting any object. If you’re overweight or obese, that extra weight can take its toll on your back and the protective discs. Smoking can affect discs negatively as can physical motions that are repeated. There may also be genetic factors, such as a weak spinal structure, that can lead to disc problems.

Preventative Medicine

Seeing a chiropractor in the Merrifield area before you have disc problems can save you from a lot of pain in the future. A chiropractor can offer a thorough exam and provide insights regarding proper back care and any at-risk factors you may have. Thinking ahead can result in a healthy back in the future.

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