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Fairfax Back Doctor Provides Residents with Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Fairfax Back Doctor Provides Residents with Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Many who seek out a Fairfax back doctor for relief from the back pain and discomfort they are enduring are pleased to discover that their problem can be addressed by using natural, noninvasive, safe methods. Fairfax chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi, who created and runs Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, focuses on helping Fairfax residents by utilizing all natural methods. Using chiropractic and rehab together allows patients to heal and strengthen the problem area, giving them relief that is lasting.

The Chiropractic Approach

After visiting a chiropractor, Fairfax back pain suffers often realize fast relief. Although one usually won’t be totally pain free, the first few chiropractic sessions will reduce pain and allow the body to start the natural healing process. For those in Fairfax dealing with back pain related to a vehicle accident, sports injury, misuse of muscles through poor lifting techniques or other such experiences, chiropractic treatment, which focuses on releasing pressure on affected areas by treating subluxations and opening up the body’s natural pathways of communication to promote healing, offers a new beginning.

Subluxations occur in areas of the back when muscles, joints and/or nerves are compressed and compromised.  These subluxations, which involve the spine, are relieved when the chiropractor releases the pressure in a specific area of the back. This release of pressure is the first step towards healing.

Rehab Benefits

When utilizing a Fairfax back doctor like Dr. Hegazi, who includes physical rehab in the healing process, patients are able to enjoy lasting relief. That’s because once healing starts and patients become more mobile and pain is reduced, physical rehab can be used to strengthen the muscles in the area that have been affected. The stronger the muscles become in the area surrounding the injury, the less likely a patient is to experience a reoccurrence of pain.

Solving the Problem

Many people who suffer from back pain begin to believe that surgery, which is invasive and carries certain risks, is their only option. Often people who are dealing with back pain have undergone drug therapy, which masks the pain but does not promote healing, and they feel their options are limited. A combination of chiropractic and rehab provides patients with a pathway to relief from pain and recovery from their injury.

Staying Healthy

A Fairfax back doctor like Dr. Hegazi at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is focused on helping patients regain their wellbeing and on staying healthy. That may include altering their lifestyle, considering certain environmental factors in their lives and focusing on losing weight. Back pain associated with injury can be further aggravated by such factors. Thus, using a holistic approach that looks at every area and addresses problems by adjusting and changing certain aspects of a person’s life can make a big difference in the health of their back and their overall welfare.

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