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Fairfax Back Specialist Helps Residents Get Out of Pain Quickly

Fairfax Back Specialist Helps Residents Get Out of Pain Quickly

If you suffer from back pain, then you are one of hundreds of millions who do so each year. Many look for relief in the form of drug therapy, which is designed to cover up the symptoms. Others, who desire a cure, will find help through chiropractic care. Many who seek help from a Fairfax, VA chiropractor do so when they visit Dr. Shirine Hegazi at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab.

Back Pain Causes

There are many causes of back pain. The most common general cause involves some sort of movement that puts undo stress on the back area. This can be anything from trauma as suffered in an auto accident to poor posture. Muscles, discs and nerves can all be affected.

Back pain results when pressure is applied to muscles or joints causing them to become misaligned and putting stress on the body while impinging on nerves. The result is pain that may be located in a specific area of the back or may radiate to other parts of the body along various nerves, including the sciatic nerve.

Effects of Back Pain

Those who see Fairfax, VA chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi are dealing with various problems. The primary one is often chronic pain that can range from dull and throbbing to sharp and piercing. They may have pain that radiates into their pelvic region, down their leg to their knee or even into one of their feet. This pain is known as sciatica.

A herniated or irritated disc causes sciatica, which can also result in weakness and numbness in the legs. Thus, when your sciatic nerve hurts, it is not the nerve that is damaged. That pain is a symptom that is caused by a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when the gel-like material in the disc, which separates and cushions the vertebra, is pushed out and then puts pressure on the nerves in the back.

Back pain may make it difficult for people to exercise, sit for periods of time, walk and even lie down. Although painkillers are often prescribed, these drugs do nothing to heal the damaged area. Instead, they merely mask the pain.

Noninvasive Treatment Works

The good news is that noninvasive, natural chiropractic treatment works to alleviate back pain. Along with taking pressure off of irritated nerves, it increases blood flow, opens up the body’s channels of communication and encourages natural healing. When combined with physical rehabilitation, as it is at the Fairfax, VA chiropractic office of Dr. Shirine Hegazi, this technique can be very effective and successful, as patients start to get relief immediately and after various treatments are often completely healed.

Getting Back to Living

Fairfax, VA chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi focuses his energy on making sure that those suffering from back pain get relief as quickly as possible. His natural form of healing is dedicated to getting to the root cause of the injury and not just covering over the pain. In time, patients are able to be pain free while they once again engage in the activities that they love.

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