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Fairfax Car Accident Specialist Provides Pain Relief for Injured Victims

Fairfax Car Accident Specialist Provides Pain Relief for Injured Victims

Fairfax car accident specialist Dr. Shirine Hegazi is able to offer those who have been injured in an accident relief from their pain. Utilizing chiropractic treatments and deep tissue therapy, Dr. Hegazi, a chiropractor, provides patients with a natural, effective alternative to prescription painkillers. With pain quickly reduced through chiropractic treatment, patients are able to function better mentally and physically.

Why Natural Pain Relief?

It’s true that natural pain relief through chiropractic is fast, but that’s not the only reason to take advantage of this type of treatment. Natural pain relief for car accident victims through chiropractic is preferred over drug therapy for many reasons. Unlike prescription drugs, chiropractic does not mask the pain. It focuses on the cause of the pain and by slowly correcting the problem area and allowing it to heal it reduces and in many cases totally eliminates the pain. Drugs not only mask the pain from the accident but they cover up all pain, including any that may be associated with developing conditions from the accident that have not yet been fully manifested. That means you can be experiencing a new effect from the accident and not know it.

Natural chiropractic treatments and deep tissue therapy offer no side effects, are completely safe and provide proven, fast effective pain relief. These types of treatments allow your body to adjust naturally as you cope with the injury and begin healing. Unlike drugs, chiropractic and deep tissue therapy allow the patient to monitor their progress accurately.

Auto Accident Experience

Seeking out a Fairfax car accident specialist is important if you want to attain the highest degree of pain relief. Auto accident injuries are difficult to assess and some injuries do not come to light until weeks, months or a year later. Thus, working with a doctor who understands how motor vehicle injuries present themselves and who knows what to watch for over the coming weeks and months is to your benefit. Often accident victims lose out on important health insurance benefits because their doctor does not understand the full scope of the injuries they have incurred.

Getting Your Life Back

A Fairfax car accident specialist like Dr. Hegazi can help you get your life back quickly. Pain relief through chiropractic is usually fast and over time it can be complete. Ultimately, natural chiropractic treatments offer the accident victim the opportunity to regain their life and get back to the things that they love to do.

Pain can be debilitating, compromising our ability to perform physically and mentally. It can take us away from work, family activities and hobbies. If it becomes chronic, pain associate with a car accident can completely alter our lives in ways we don’t want them to be altered. Working with a chiropractor who is a car accident specialist will be a great advantage as you strive to rid yourself of pain and enjoy life fully once again.

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