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Fairfax Chiropractic Specialist Offers Rehab for Slip and Fall Injuries

Fairfax Chiropractic Specialist Offers Rehab for Slip and Fall Injuries

If you’ve had a slip and fall injury and are in need of a Fairfax, VA chiropractor, you’ll want to find someone who can help relieve your pain and also enable you to regain your strength and mobility. Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, which is run by Dr. Shirine Hegazi, is an example of the type of practice that can enable the healing process while allowing patients to regain their strength and dexterity.

Chiropractic Services

The combination of chiropractic and rehab services is especially potent when dealing with injuries that are related to mishaps such as slipping and falling. The pain and debilitating circumstances associated with these kinds of injuries can be difficult to assess and treat.

Each slip and fall injury is unique and may involve various parts of the body, including the limbs, neck and/or back. Pain may travel, bone and joint injuries may be involved and muscles may be greatly compromised. A thorough examination will reveal the appropriate treatment and ongoing assessment can be used to remedy any conditions that may develop over the course of time.

Rehabilitative Services

Not all chiropractors offer rehab services. If you suffer a slip and fall injury, finding a Fairfax chiropractor who is able to provide a comprehensive rehabilitative process allows for seamless treatment, improved communication and monitoring and ease in scheduling. Plus, as the patient progresses, the chiropractor/rehab specialist can continue to adjust treatment in both areas, increasing the likelihood of a speedier recovery.

Why a Specialist?

Consider how complex the body is and you’ll instantly understand why it makes sense to work with a rehabilitation specialist. Slip and fall injuries can be extremely serious. Even a seemingly innocent mishap can result in long-term pain, loss of muscle control and diminished strength.

When engaging a rehabilitation specialist a patient will work with someone who can create a program that is structured to reach step-by-step goals. Therapy that includes the management of musculoskeletal and/or neurological deficits and that may be applied to pre and post-operative rehabilitation offers all-encompassing results.

Strength and conditioning is an important aspect of this type of treatment. Muscle imbalances, joint problems and nerve damage can all respond to treatment specifically designed for each patient. The focus should always be on helping patients go further and achieve a higher quality of life by stabilizing their injury and strengthening the involved muscles, tissues and joints.

Working Through the Injury

A quick spill can drastically change someone’s life. Ice, uneven walkways, wet surfaces and other hazards can cause a fall that results in months and even years of pain and compromised activity. Those who are looking for a Fairfax, VA chiropractor who also provides top notch physical rehab services want to consider the practitioner’s training, experience and methods. Working your way from a painful injury to good health takes time and the more comprehensive and individualized the service, as those who seek help at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab have found, the better their chances are of a quick and thorough recovery.

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