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Fairfax Chiropractor Uses Graston Technique to Help Residents Recover Faster

Fairfax Chiropractor Uses Graston Technique to Help Residents Recover Faster

Fairfax chiropractor, Dr. Shirine Hegazi, has been helping local residents get out of pain and achieve optimal health for years. As a seasoned veteran, he uses many different techniques and modalities in his office because he realizes that no two patients are the same.

One specific mode of treatment is called The Graston Technique®. This therapy uses a patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that allows Dr. Hegazi to effectively find and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function of the body.

The Technique:

The technique itself helps separate and break-down collagen cross-links and stretches connective tissue and muscular fiber, it elevates skin temperature, facilitates reflex changes in the chronic muscle holding pattern, and improves spinal reflux activity.

More benefits of Graston Technique® are that it increases the amount of blood flow to and from the affected area, elevates cellular activity in the area, and boosts histamine response.

For the less medical savvy, it just helps your body heal and get out of pain faster!

When spinal segments become injured due to a fall, car accident or sports injury, scar tissue can form. This can severely reduce range of motion, and in many cases cause pain. This prevents the injured individual from functioning as he / she did before the injury.

At Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, Dr. Hegazi addresses the underlying cause of the problem. If there’s scar tissue involved with the injury, it’s treated with the most advanced and effective therapies. Graston Technique® is one of these proven methods.

There are few doctors in the United States that use this revolutionary technique for muscular problems and scar tissue. This is a big reason why Dr. Hegazi is in such high demand around the Fairfax, Vienna, and Falls Church areas. If you suffer with acute or chronic pain, contact Concept Chiropractic and Rehab today to see if you’re eligible to be accepted for treatment.

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