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Fairfax Knee Specialist Alleviates Pain with Chiropractic and Rehab

Fairfax Knee Specialist Alleviates Pain with Chiropractic and Rehab

Those who need relief from painful and debilitating knee injuries are well served by the Fairfax, VA practice Concept Chiropractic and Rehab. These days some practices focus on using more than one type of treatment. What those who are suffering with  knee injuries have found is that the dual treatment of chiropractic and rehab is extremely effective, fast and long lasting.

Knee Injuries Affect the Entire Body

For someone with a knee injury, the simple process of walking can eventually become impossible. When a knee is hurt in an auto accident or when playing a sport,  the person injured may not at first understand the extent of the injury. What may first seem to be a simple problem can be complicated as the injured person attempts to walk on the damaged knee.

They may start to favor the leg, put added strain on other areas such as the back or hips and find they have compromised their ability to find their balance. Other problems can develop, pain can become more consistent and deeper and the knee may weaken more. Suddenly the sufferer, who might have found quick relief from a visit to the chiropractor, is now in constant pain and unable to function properly.

Noninvasive Treatment Preferred

Noninvasive chiropractic treatment is designed to alleviate knee pain and promote healing. It relaxes muscles, takes stress off of joints and stimulates blood flow, which promotes the healing process. The body is designed to heal itself and chiropractic treatment opens up the channels that allow for that to begin. It also takes pressure off of nerves that have been irritated. The entire process is natural and noninvasive.

Once the patient starts to find relief from pain and the healing begins, they can start physical rehabilitation. Those in Fairfax, VA who experience a sports or auto accident related knee injury find that the dual approach is very beneficial. These techniques have been found to be very successful, as patients start find relief immediately and after various treatments are often completely healed.

Getting Back to Living

Fairfax, VA treatment services at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab offer relief from pain, healing, strengthening and improved mobility for those suffering from knee injuries. The stronger the injured area becomes the less likely it is to be re-injured. All of this is achieved in a totally natural manner.

This natural form of treatment, which focuses on the entire well being of the body, is not designed to simply relieve pain; it goes to the root cause of that pain. The knee problem is corrected and the patient’s body finds itself in balance once again. That means that all of those problems related to the injury, such as other muscle pains, joint problems and the like, are also corrected. Over the course of time, the knee injury becomes a memory, as the patient is once again able to enjoy physical activity to its fullest.

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