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Fairfax Personal Injury Doctor Helps Car Accident Victims Recover Fast

Fairfax Personal Injury Doctor Helps Car Accident Victims Recover Fast

If you’ve been in a car accident then a Fairfax personal injury doctor, one who deals with car accident victims regularly, can offer maximum benefits, including fast recovery. As an example, Dr. Shirine Hegazi of Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, has extensive knowledge of, training in and experience with auto accident injuries. He understands that those who are in a car accident may experience symptoms and develop problems weeks or months after their unfortunate experience.  Along with possessing an expansive understanding of treatment possibilities, he’s also knowledgeable of and experienced in working with insurance companies, helping to ensure that patients receive their maximum benefits.

Examination and Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis of car accident injuries is essential for two reasons. First, it allows for the administration of the correct treatment which helps victims recover fast. Also, it aids patients in accessing the health insurance benefits to which they’re entitled. Often auto accident patients settle their insurance claims too quickly, losing important services that can help in their recovery.

After a full examination of the patient and their injuries and possible complications, the doctor can offer a diagnosis and focus on treatment options. Because of the nature of car accidents, the trauma a person experiences, and the individual manner in which each person’s body reacts, injuries can include spinal and back problems, neck injuries such as whiplash and other muscular and skeletal complications. Many times someone is experiencing symptoms that indicate numerous problems that need to be addressed.


Those who get help from a Fairfax personal injury doctor such as Dr. Hegazi will receive chiropractic treatment that allows the body to begin healing itself quickly and naturally. Depending on the nature of the injuries, an initial visit can provide pronounced relief from pain. Ongoing chiropractic visits offer a cumulative effect, as the body begins to reach a state of well-being. Chiropractic is not magic; the adjustments a chiropractor makes helps the body by structurally correcting it and freeing it from subluxations that compromise the body’s ability to heal from injuries.

Great Gains with Rehab

Physical rehabilitation is the next step towards recovery. Utilizing rehab assists in a speedy recovery by increasing blood flow to the muscles and strengthening the affected areas. Patients work towards regaining their stamina, better physical conditioning and improvement of specific motor skills.

Specialized Knowledge

In working with Fairfax personal injury doctor, Dr. Hegazi, car accidents victims enjoy relief from pain, fast recovery from their injuries and maximum benefits when it comes to their overall well-being. Even a small automobile accident, such as a fender-bender, can result in injuries that cause chronic pain and ongoing compromised physical performance. Whiplash, lower back problems and reduced limb function are commonly experienced. Using the services of a doctor who intimately understands how auto accidents can affect you is important. Their extensive knowledge of car mishaps and their effects, treatment choices and insurance benefits can be the difference between a fast and thorough recovery and continuing health problems.

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