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Fairfax VA Back Doctor Educates Public on How to Prevent Spinal Injuries

Fairfax VA Back Doctor Educates Public on How to Prevent Spinal Injuries

Fairfax, VA back doctor Shirine Hegazi believes in education when it comes to good spinal health. As a chiropractor and a physical rehabilitation specialist, he sees a large number of patients who are suffering from spinal injuries. Some of these problems are transitory while others are chronic. Many people who are suffering from spinal injuries today would have benefited greatly from some basic knowledge regarding prevention.

Proper Form

One area that the Fairfax, VA back doctor focuses on is the need for each person to use proper form in various endeavors. As an example, when lifting objects you should use your legs, bending down from the knees and not from the back. Many people injure their spines by straining their backs when lifting an object. Spinal health can also be compromised by poor sleeping position, an unsupportive mattress or chair and improper posture when sitting. Also, using proper form when exercising, engaging in a sport or being involved in any physical activity can reduce the chance of back problems.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Spinal injuries are also related to unhealthy lifestyles. Being overweight or obese puts extra strain on the back and over years can take its toll. Also over time, smoking can weaken and compromise the skeletal structure. Repetitive movements, a job environment that puts strain on the back and basic stress can all contribute to the increased likelihood that you’ll suffer a spinal injury. When you’re driving or riding in a motor vehicle, proper use of safety restraints and your headrest can lessen the chances of painful and life-changing spinal injuries.

Spinal Adjustment

Many times the Fairfax, VA back doctor finds that the first time people seek help from a chiropractor is after they have sustained a spinal injury. However, routine visits for a spinal exam and adjustment can help prevent spinal problems and these visits can also lead to the discovery of an injury before it becomes serious or chronic. Thus, the public can be proactive when it comes to good spinal health.

Being Sensible

After one visit to a Fairfax, VA back doctor such as Dr. Hegazi for a spinal injury, patients leave with a wealth of new information concerning back health. Much of the information they receive could have helped them avoid injury. With spinal problems, which are extremely common, prevention is key. Once an injury has occurred, relief can be found through a variety of natural methods that include chiropractic treatment, soft tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation. Although those who are in pain will often seek solutions through prescription or over-the-counter drugs, these are only useful in making the pain.

They do not provide a cure. Natural, gentle, noninvasive methods offer real solutions once an injury has occurred. Common sense, routine chiropractic visits and practical adjustments to the manner in which we do things can often be used to prevent most spinal injuries.

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