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Fairfax VA Chiropractor Provides Spinal Hygiene Exercises and Tips

Fairfax VA Chiropractor Provides Spinal Hygiene Exercises and Tips

Those in Fairfax who are committed to good health find that often a chiropractor like Dr. Shirine Hegazi can offer them help through spinal hygiene exercises and tips. The spine is the central channel of communication for the body, joining the brain to all other parts of the body and enabling good health. When the spine is compromised the body’s ability to maintain sound health is also compromised.  Additionally, the spine is the central support system for the back and when it is unable to function properly we have trouble walking, sitting, standing and even lying down. Thus, sound spinal hygiene is an essential aspect of good health.

It’s Often Very Simple

Those who visit Dr. Hegazi discover that simple exercises and practices can greatly improve their spinal health. Simple exercises performed a few minutes each day that are designed to keep the spine limber and flexible will help one maintain a healthy spine. Exercises are gentle and include various types of stretching techniques. Also, basic strengthening exercises that work muscles in the back that support the spine can also help those maintain a sound spine.

Tips for Spinal Hygiene

Spinal hygiene can be achieved by making sure your back is properly supported at all times. Good posture when sitting, standing and walking is a simple, straightforward way to provide the basic situation for good health. Proper support when sitting and sleeping is also important.

Those who work in a sitting position need a chair that will give them the support they require to maintain good posture. Also, when working in a sitting position it is helpful to get up and move around, taking breaks from that one position.

It is also important to brace up your back when sleeping.  We spend about a third of our lives in bed. That means a good mattress that supports your back will be a major aid in keeping your spine healthy.

Light or Heavy Lifting

Each year thousands of people injure their backs when they use improper lifting techniques. When lifting anything, support your back by using your legs and tilting your pelvis. Don’t bend over from the waist as this will put a great deal of stress on your lower back. You don’t have to be lifting something heavy to injure yourself. Many times people find themselves at the chiropractor for back pain after bending over to pick up something as light as a piece of paper.

Use Common Sense

Those back patients who visit Fairfax, VA chiropractor Dr. Hegazi for an exam or for treatment due to strain on their spine discover that good spinal health can be maintained through some basic daily exercise and by following tips designed to alleviate strain on the spine. With a little bit of effort, everyone can greatly lessen the chance that they will have to visit the chiropractor to correct a painful spinal problem.

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