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Falls Church Back Pain Helped Safely with Chiropractic and Rehab Treatment

Falls Church Back Pain Helped Safely with Chiropractic and Rehab Treatment

Dr. Shirine Hegazi, who founded Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, knows that back pain, especially when one is in an auto accident, can be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to subdue and eliminate. Although many people opt to use prescription drugs, these do nothing to heal the injury; they merely mask the pain.

This Falls Church chiropractor uses various methods and techniques, including chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation services, to ensure his patients are as pain free as they can be. His main objective for each back pain patient is to help him/her reach a point of maximum relief and to improve his/her quality of life.

Car Accidents Are Challenging

When back pain is caused by an automobile mishap, it can be especially challenging to diagnose and treat.  A knowledgeable chiropractor knows that a patient who has been through an intense, physically jarring accident that has put their body under massive stress will often experience pain that develops and changes over weeks and months.

The fact is in an auto accident muscles have been stretched and stressed, discs compressed and nerves compromised. Back pain may or may not be severe at first. Often, even though it may be greatly lessened through treatment, it can flare up or change, suddenly getting worse or become a daily occurrence that is aggravating and difficult to eliminate.

An auto accident does not have to be a major occurrence to have a major damaging effect on the body. Sometimes the lowest speed impacts may cause problems that continue for years if the injury is not addressed properly. This Falls Church chiropractor has discovered that he can greatly reduce ongoing patient problems by utilizing dual therapies.

Dual Therapies Work

By using two or even more therapies, Dr. Hegazi can control back pain and encourage healing by stimulating the body’s natural curative process on numerous levels. As a holistic healer, he knows that promoting the body’s internal mechanism to heal itself provides excellent results. This methodology is noninvasive and safe.

Chiropractic treatment is used to initiate the healing process by relieving pressure on nerves, muscles and bones, allowing the body’s brain and nervous system to communicate and promote good health. The rehabilitation process works towards strengthening the body and promoting even greater healing. These two methods work together to become a powerful force.

Safe Healing

Dr. Hegazi, who is a well-respected Fairfax / Falls Church chiropractor, continues to develop and work with natural therapies. As an expert in the area of automobile accident back pain, he strives to help each of his patients find as much relief as possible. For the healing process to be the most successful, it’s important that auto accident victims seek an evaluaton as soon after the accident as possible.

The goal of treatment is to become pain free and, once again, as active as possible—to enjoy life to its fullest. At Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, Dr. Hegazi tailors his activities to meet every patient’s needs. Using specific procedures and techniques and a personal approach, he’s dedicated to making sure that each patient sees and feels real results.

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