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Falls Church Doctor Helps Locals Correct Poor Posture

Falls Church Doctor Helps Locals Correct Poor Posture

Those who go to Dr. Shirine Hegazi for help find that treatment includes the correction of their poor posture.  In fact many times it is poor posture that is causing their back pain. A chiropractic adjustment and advice regarding how to practice and maintain good posture can help ensure that they never suffer from back pain again.

Analyzing Back Pain

When those in Falls Church who are suffering back pain visit Dr. Hegazi they are given a full examination, which includes questions regarding their work, how they sleep and how they sit and how active they are. There’s a focus on back basic because so often patients who are dealing with back pain are causing the problem by practicing poor posture. Correcting bad habits, like improper posture, is part of the back patient’s treatment.

Treating that Pain

Poor posture may or may not be the primary cause of one’s back pain. However one thing is certain, good posture will help improve the spinal health of anyone. Thus, along with chiropractic treatment and possible physical rehabilitation, a chiropractor will always ensure their patient is practicing proper posture. When we consider posture, we often first think about being in a standing position. But this concept also relates to when we are sitting and lying down.

Changing the Way You Do Things

During an examination, the Falls Church doctor will ask various questions connected to the patient’s proper and they will also observe how they stand and sit. Here are some of the areas they will consider when looking to correct poor posture.

·    Your body position when sitting
·    They type of chair you sit in at work
·    The type of car seat you sit in when driving
·    How many hours a day you sit
·    How long you sit before taking a break
·    Your body position when standing and walking
·    How long you stand in the same position
·    The position in which you sleep
·    The type of mattress on which you sleep
·    The age of your mattress
·    What strain is put on your back when you are sitting, standing, walking, running or lying down

All of these aspects mentioned above are connected to your posture. Often it’s discovered that a patient is practicing more than one poor posture habit each and every day, constantly putting stress on their back.

Correcting for Good Health

Those who visit a Falls Church doctor such as Dr. Hegazi for solutions to their back pain often discover that they possess the power to change their lives and achieve optimal back health. A healthy back and spine is essential to maintaining an overall sound physical condition. Something as simple as good posture can make all the difference between feeling and being healthy and vital or finding your health compromised and diminished. Proper posture at all times is the key to your well-being.

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