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Falls Church VA Back Doctor Provides Residents with Conservative Treatment Options

Falls Church VA Back Doctor Provides Residents with Conservative Treatment Options

For those interested in a Falls Church VA back doctor who offers treatment options that are effective, safe and natural, there are choices. Chiropractors such as Dr. Shirine Hegazi, who is the primary provider of healthcare services at Concept Chiropractic & Rehab, is an example of a practitioner who ably provides back pain suffers with numerous natural, conservative treatment choices.

Radical Vs. Conservative

Those dealing with chronic back pain often eventually feel as if they have only a few choices when it comes to treatment, including drug therapy and perhaps even surgery. But drugs merely hide the pain, doing nothing to promote healing. Plus, there are always side effects with drugs, some of which can greatly alter one’s ability to engage in certain activities and others of which can be dangerous. Surgery is the most radical approach. It is intrusive and always involves risk.

Those are the radical choices. Conservative options for back pain that have been found to be effective include chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation. Also, depending upon the source of the pain, changing your chair at work or bedroom mattress, altering the manner in which you perform certain activities and losing excess weight can all help alleviate back pain.

Natural Treatment

If you are a Falls Church VA back pain sufferer, consider getting help from a practice such as Concept Chiropractic & Rehab. Along with offering natural treatment options that are noninvasive, this type of healthcare facility makes it easy and convenient for patients to focus on a three-step treatment process that includes relief from pain, promotion of healing and strengthening of the affected area.

Utilizing chiropractic, Dr. Hegazi helps relieve the pain through careful and gentle adjustments. This treatment also promotes healing as it opens the body’s natural channels of communication, allowing the affected area to mend itself. Massage therapy may be used as this can also facilitate healing. Once the affected area in the back begins to heal strengthening through physical rehabilitation can be employed. This third step can help ensure ongoing back health.

The Gentle Approach to Back Pain

Utilizing a Falls Church, VA back doctor such as Dr. Hegazi provides patients with treatment options that are both gentle and effective. Most of us at some time or another must deal with back pain. The intensity of such pain can vary from being a little annoying to totally debilitating. Most back pain sufferers can benefit from chiropractic and other natural treatments. Taking a holistic approach, the chiropractor does not simply isolate the patient’s back pain, treating only that area. They look at the entire person and everything that may be contributing to that pain in order to promote healing in as thorough a manner as is possible.

This approach, which is conservative in terms of risk but especially effective in generating positive results, is preferred by those who desire natural, safe and effective treatment options.

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