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Falls Church Whiplash Injuries Alleviated Fast with Chiropractic and Rehab

Falls Church Whiplash Injuries Alleviated Fast with Chiropractic and Rehab

Whiplash can be an especially daunting injury for auto accident victims. Those who suffer from whiplash in the Falls Church area of Virginia often seek help from Concept Chiropractic and Rehab and its founder and primary practitioner, Dr. Shirine Hegazi.

The Falls Church chiropractor focuses on ensuring that his whiplash patients get fast relief from what can be a nagging and very painful condition. The secret is to promote healing naturally and noninvasively by utilizing separate but mutually supportive therapies. By relieving the stress and strain on muscles and nerves through chiropractic techniques and adding the simulative healing effective of physical rehabilitation, Dr. Shirine Hegazi is able to relieve the pain and stress from whiplash quickly.

How Whiplash Occurs

Whiplash, which is one of the most common diagnosis for those in an auto accident, occurs when someone in a vehicle is rear-ended by another. Someone in the car that is hit has their body move forward as they follow the momentum of their auto while their heads often whip back, putting a huge amount of stress on the neck. The injury can occur in accidents that are violent and also in the smallest of fender benders. Often symptoms won’t be recognizable until days or even weeks later.

Those who go to Falls Church chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi are often experiencing extreme pain that greatly diminishes their ability to engage in just about any physical activity, including lying down or simply turning their head to see something. Unable to function normally, patients who are suffering from whiplash desire relief and they want it quickly.

Help from a Specialist

It is important that someone who is dealing with whiplash get help from a knowledgeable specialist who can offer them the latest treatments, leading to fast and effective results. Often a practitioner who combines therapies that include chiropractic treatment and rehab get the best results.

Training and experience are both important in assuring sound results. Dr. Hegazi has a degree from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, which is on the cutting edge in diagnosing and treating whiplash and brain trauma. After graduating in 2007, he has specialized in treating automobile accident injuries.

In working towards eliminating pain quickly, Dr. Hegazi utilizes a wealth of tools, including biomechanics of injury mechanisms, occupant kinematics and low speed impact automobile crash reconstruction methods. Each of these techniques is important in helping to diminish symptoms and in finally curing whiplash. In addition, his working knowledge of whiplash and related disorders in terms of soft tissue, endrocrinological, bony, and nervous system disorders; advanced diagnostic methodologies and comprehensive case management techniques is especially useful.

Effective Relief of Whiplash

The benefits of receiving treatment from someone who specializes in whiplash are numerous. An ability to pinpoint the problem and successfully address it quickly and thoroughly makes all the difference in the world when it comes to regaining your health.
Those who go to Concept Chiropractic and Rehab and get help from Falls Church chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi find that they see and feel results quickly. The goal is total relief from pain and the return of the ability to function normally. For patients who seek help, healing and good health are right around the corner.

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