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Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain Merrifield VA
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Did You Know?

One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.



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Choose Chiropractic to Make Work Easier

One of the most common reasons people seek care at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is for cumulative and repetitive stress type conditions. Let’s face it. The world we live in is run by computers most people sit in front of them all day long to do their job. Whether you are an IT specialist, graphic designer, accountant or even an attorney, sitting down for long periods of time in one position is very common for millions of people and it is done every day. These conditions may often be the cause of poor posture.

Most Common Conditions in the Workplace


You’re sitting at your desk at work, attempting to ignore the numbness, tingling and pain you’ve experienced for a while in your hand and wrist. All of a sudden, a sharp, shooting pain pierces through your wrist and up your arm. Probably a temporary cramp? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the more likely culprit, a painful progressive nerve disorder caused by compression of a vital nerve in the wrist.


The world we live in today has become increasingly complex, and the strenuous demands for our time and attention keep rising. Our jobs are also more challenging and demanding, and the business world has almost become a mere competition. With the industrial age, the world was introduced to helpful machines which lead to increased productivity, but this also introduces a variety of noisy machines.

Physical stresses like sound, air and water pollution have increased over the last 50 years, especially in the United States. We are also exposed on a daily basis to catastrophes and major troubles around the globe through our simple access to electronic media and the Internet, which may create major anxiety. All together, these attacks on our senses create an intense physical and emotional response. The term for this overwhelming experience is stress


You bend down over to get a folder from a filing cabinet and there it is–a sudden sharp shooting pain that travels through your back into your spine. But while that movement may have initiated the painful response, bending down was just a reminder to your body of a low back condition that has probably existed for a long time. Every day we treat our backs negligently, mostly with unstable and repetitive movements. A large part of this particular problem is our movement or lack thereof at work, where we spend a major portion of our daily lives. The various strenuous manual tasks performed at work, along with desk set up and other ergonomic considerations also contribute to back pain at the workplace.