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Merrifield Auto Accident Doctor Offers Community Safe Treatment for Injuries

Merrifield Auto Accident Doctor Offers Community Safe Treatment for Injuries

If you are in need of a Merrifield auto accident doctor consider one who will be able to treat your injuries in a safe, effective manner. As an example when treating auto accident patients, Dr. Shirine Hegazi utilizes chiropractic treatment, soft tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation. These are three noninvasive methods that can have a powerful positive effect when used in combination with each other.

Immediate Evaluation

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident it is important to get evaluated by an accident doctor as soon as possible. Working with someone who specializes in trauma injuries is especially beneficial. Consider the doctor’s credentials and training in this specialized area. Someone like Dr. Hegazi, who is a graduate from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, which is considered the leading authority in the world in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology, has a wealth of training and experience in auto accident injuries. This type of specialization is useful in diagnosing and also treating any motor vehicle injuries.

Treatment Choices

In deciding to work with a Merrifield auto accident doctor be sure to evaluate the treatment choices they offer. Many patients will often opt to go the prescription drug route, which can cover up pain for short amounts of time but does nothing to promote healing or to rid patients of pain in the long run.

A natural, holistic approach can offer auto accident victims a coordinated effort that is safe and effective. The goal in such an approach is to heal the injuries while allowing the patient to reach their full potential in every way. It seeks optimum results with minimum risk to the patient.

Specific Choices

When getting help from an auto accident specialist such as Dr. Hegazi treatment options include chiropractic, deep tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation. Chiropractic focuses on adjusting the spine and relieving pressure on muscles, joints and nerves. Along with lessening pain, this method allows the body to begin the healing process. When combined with deep tissue therapy, the effects can be more pronounced and healing can occur more quickly. Once the patient has made enough progress, physical rehab can be utilized to strengthen affected areas, improve resilience and stamina and rebuild muscle.

Ongoing Wellness

The ultimate goal when working with a Merrifield auto accident doctor like Dr. Hegazi is to achieve overall and ongoing wellness. This is often an ongoing process for the individual who can take lessons learned in their treatment process and apply them to their daily routine. As an example, physical rehab can develop into a beneficial daily workout that continues to help the accident victim maintain optimal results garnered through their treatment.

If you are in an auto accident it is important to get evaluated quickly. The decision to do so can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run as your condition can be treated immediately and future problems may be avoided.

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