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Merrifield VA Back Doctor Offers Community Safe Back Pain Relief

Merrifield VA Back Doctor Offers Community Safe Back Pain Relief

Those who require help from a Merrifield, VA chiropractor will find that they can get relief from back pain using natural, holistic methods. Chiropractors help back pain sufferers by gently adjusting the area that is the source of the pain. Usually back pain emanates from somewhere in the spinal area. Through chiropractic treatment and other natural methods patients find fast relief that is lasting.

Chiropractic Technique

For back pain sufferers in Fairfax County, a Merrifield, VA chiropractor can provide them with fast, safe and noninvasive treatment. Chiropractic techniques involve releasing subluxations, which are instances where a region of the spine is compromised when vertebrae become displaced. This occurrence impinges on nerves and causes pain that can make it difficult for someone to stand, walk or sit. Motor functions can be greatly reduced and back pain sufferers often find their quality of life diminished. Manipulation therapy, which involves the spine, releases pressure on the affected muscles and nerves and opens up the body’s natural healing channels. It is especially effective when combined with other forms of treatment.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissues therapy is a good compliment to chiropractic work. This type of therapy
enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. In dealing with back pain and conditions that are responsible for such pain, soft tissue therapy can help speed up the healing process. Like chiropractic treatments, this kind of therapy is gentle and noninvasive. It is another effective method that is geared towards natural healing.


Along with being able to facilitate healing through chiropractic treatment and soft tissue therapy those working with a Merrifield, VA chiropractor who also offers physical rehabilitation services can improve their chances of enjoying long term relief from back pain. Once healing has begun, strengthening back muscles in the affected area through comprehensive rehabilitation procedures allows patients to speed up the process that eventually allows them to reach their goal of greatly reducing pain or being totally pain free. Like chiropractic treatment and soft tissue therapy, physical rehabilitation can be focused very specifically on the affected area.

Ongoing Relief

Although those utilizing the services of a Merrifield, VA chiropractor find that they usually enjoy pain relief from back problems fairly quickly, the goal is to ensure that the injury or condition causing the pain is given the best chance to heal and that on-going benefits are experienced. Pain medication will lessen symptoms for short periods of time and surgery, which is often risky, is invasive and involved.

Chiropractic treatment of back pain, which is gentle, noninvasive and natural, along with other natural methods offers a holistic approach that is designed to yield both short-term and long-term results. Safe relief from back pain is achieved and former sufferers can once again enjoy life fully.

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