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2826 Old Lee Highway #350
Fairfax, Va 22031

Merrifield VA Back Specialist, Dr. Shirine Hegazi Helps Locals Get Out of Pain Fast

Merrifield VA Back Specialist, Dr. Shirine Hegazi Helps Locals Get Out of Pain Fast

Dr. Shirine Hegazi, who founded and runs Concept Chiropractic and Rehab in Merrifield, VA, is a back pain specialist who helps those in the region find relief fast. He’s dedicated to not only ensuring that each patient feel relief as quickly as possible by utilizing natural methods but also to providing permanent solutions to back problems.

“When people come to see me,” observed Dr. Hegazi, “they have often been suffering from intense pain and the very first thing they want is relief from that pain. A spinal adjustment will usually offer them that relief and get them started towards addressing in depth the specific back problem that is the source of that pain. It may be a herniated disc, the pain could be related to a weight issue or it might be a muscle pull connected to exercise or physical activity. Thus with back pain, I’m dedicated to both quick solutions and long term problem solving.”

Often people dealing with back pain will first try over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Sometimes drugs offer a temporary solution as they may mask some or most of the pain. However, they do not provide any healing benefit. Thus, the cause of the pain is still present and active. Chiropractic treatment focuses on naturally relieving the pain and opening the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

“Along with drugs, patients will also consider surgery, which is risky and invasive,” noted Dr. Hegazi. “When someone finds that they can get immediate relief through a gentle, natural treatment, they are often surprised and extremely pleased. With many back problems, we can often make quick strides towards helping the patient find a real solution.” He added, “Sometimes that means repeated visits, it may also include losing weight to take stress off the back and additional methods of treatment such as soft tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation.”

Dr. Hegazi is a chiropractic doctor who also specializes in physical rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy and weight loss. Depending upon the cause of one’s back pain, each of these areas may be useful in helping patients find relief. Dr. Hegazi uses a holistic approach that emphasizes natural treatment methods that are safe, gentle and effective.

For more information regarding back pain and chiropractic treatment at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab go to or call 703-573-5500. Concept Chiropractic and Rehab is located at 2826 Old Lee Highway,
Ste 350, Fairfax, VA 22031. Business hours are Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am-1:00 pm and Monday-Saturday from 3:00 pm-7:30 pm.

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