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Merrifield VA Chiropractic Office Helps Patients Involved in Car Accidents

Merrifield VA Chiropractic Office Helps Patients Involved in Car Accidents

Car accident patients visiting the chiropractic office of Dr. Shirine Hegazi find help quickly. Dr. Hegazi, who runs Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, focuses on treating motor vehicle injuries, including whiplash, slipped discs and arm and shoulder problems. It’s essential that those who have been in an auto accident, even a minor one, be examined as soon as possible. Too often victims misinterpret minor aches or pains and other symptoms incorrectly, believing them to be benign when they are really an indication that something is seriously wrong. Many times those who have been in a mishap wait until they are in extreme pain or their physical abilities are greatly diminished before seeking help. When  that occurs the healing period is often extended, pain becomes acute and physical activity deteriorates.

Safe and Natural Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is safe and noninvasive. By administering adjustments to the spine and related regions, the chiropractor is able to alleviate pressure on muscles, joints, and nerves and open the body’s natural healing channels. Once this occurs, and it starts to happen when treatment is first administered, the patient’s injury starts to slowly heal. This is done without drugs, surgery or any other type of potentially dangerous treatment or procedure. Further chiropractic treatment works towards helping the patient’s condition improve.

Chiropractic and Physical Rehab

Patients who visit the Merrifield VA chiropractic office of Dr. Hegazi for their auto accident injuries receive the benefits afforded by physical rehabilitation. By also offering rehab services Dr. Hegazi is able to carefully monitor a patient’s progress and adjust their treatment accordingly. The combination of chiropractic treatment and rehab services works together hand-in-hand, accelerating the healing process for those patients who suffer from whiplash and other auto accident injuries.

Subtle Auto Accident Injuries

Many people who are in a minor auto accident find that at first they have no idea that they have been injured. At the accident scene, they feel perfectly fine and often they refuse to be examined or treated. But hours, days or even months later, the accident victim begins suffering from headaches, muscle pain or stiffness, dizziness or other symptoms associated with whiplash. At first, the symptoms may be subtle and difficult to detect but at some point they become more pronounced hampering the patient’s ability to enjoy common activities and experiences. It’s often at that point that they finally realize they need help from a medical practitioner.

Seek Help

Those who have been injured in auto accidents who seek treatment at the Merrifield VA chiropractic office of Dr. Hegazi discover that there is help for their symptoms. Chiropractic techniques offer accident victims hope as their symptoms are relieved and the healing process is enabled. One visit to the chiropractor rarely does the job. Patients undergo treatment for weeks or longer. Getting to the chiropractor sooner than later will help ensure the healing process is truncated.

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