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Merrifield VA Chiropractic Office Offers Safe Back Pain Relief

Merrifield VA Chiropractic Office Offers Safe Back Pain Relief

The Merrifield, VA, chiropractic office of Dr. Shirine Hegazi provides those who are suffering with chronic and short term back problems relief from pain while encouraging healing. At some point in their lives, almost everyone experiences some degree of back pain. Even occasional back problems can be difficult to deal with and ongoing pain from injury, a deteriorating condition such as degenerative disc disease or a problem related to repeated movements or actions can be debilitating.

Many people seek respite from over-the-counter or prescription drugs. These will often reduce the pain, making it bearable, but once they work their way through and out of the body, the pain comes back. What people want and what they can get from a chiropractor is ongoing relief from their pain.

Diagnosing the Problem

Those with back problems who visit a Merrifield, VA, chiropractic office have made an important first step towards attaining relief. Often people will simply try to wait out the pain, allowing the cause of the problem to become more pronounced and the pain more constant and intense. This can lead to structural problems, emotional distress and an overall inability to function. A patient’s first chiropractic appointment includes a complete evaluation of the individual and their back problem. Various factors are considered, including the source, nature and type of pain, any contributing situations and circumstances related to work, home and daily living that may be affecting the person’s health. Once the back pain is evaluated, analyzed and diagnosed, treatment can begin.

Chiropractic, Rehab, Life Style Adjustments

Those who are under the care of a chiropractor often experience relief from pain after one or two sessions.  By using adjustment techniques, the chiropractor relieves stress on specific areas of the spine where subluxations have occurred. A subluxation is when nerves, muscles, and/or joints have been compressed or compromised, resulting in pain, impeded physical performance and emotional and mental stress.

As pain is lessened, a patient may also benefit from physical rehabilitation of the affected area. This can assist in speeding up the healing process and strengthening the weakened area, which can greatly affect ongoing relief. Also, life style adjustments may also help the healing process and work towards ensuring that the back pain never reoccurs. Adjustments may include a change in diet, a focus on weight loss or altering working conditions that are aggravating your back problem. The object is to eliminate anything that is creating an unhealthy condition and contributing to your back pain.

Working Together

When patients visit the Merrifield, VA, chiropractic office of Dr. Shirine Hegazi they find that the focus is on working together. The doctor has to understand the individual patient and their problem in order to have a positive effect on their back pain. Additionally, patients may also be further helped when they include their family physician in the process. By working towards a common goal, ongoing relief from back pain by utilizing natural, noninvasive methods, the patient receives maximum benefits.

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