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Merrifield VA Herniated Disc Specialist Offers Helps Locals Find Relief

Merrifield VA Herniated Disc Specialist Offers Helps Locals Find Relief

Residents in the Fairfax area can get relief from pain associated with herniated discs by visiting a Merrifield, VA chiropractor. A herniated disc can greatly reduce one’s ability to enjoy life. In extreme circumstances, the act of walking or sitting can be difficult, if not impossible. A herniated disc specialist using safe, natural methods can provide quick relief, lessening pain and encouraging healing. The end result is improved quality of life and a return to activities the sufferer had previously enjoyed.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The occasion of someone suffering from a herniated disc is not unusual. This common complaint results when a disc in your vertebrae is in some way displaced. A disc is a gel-like material in the spine that separates each vertebra. The disc acts as a natural cushion, helping to ensure the proper functioning of the spine and the back. When a disc is pushed outside its normal position it impinges upon spinal nerves and this causes excruciating pain.

The results include pain in the affected area, leg pain and weakness in the back and lower limbs. Numbness in one leg can also occur. Radiating pain from the buttocks down to the knee and sometimes into the foot or toe is a common symptom associated with a herniated disc. This pain, which is known as sciatica, can also cause weakness in one leg and bowel and bladder problems. Sciatic pain can be dull or knife-like and it may be intermittent or continuous.

Analyzing the Cause

Knowing what caused your herniated disc is important when it comes to determining treatment and possible results. Causes can include improper lifting methods, which can injure the back, injuries related to sports and other such activities and degenerative disc disease. Also, smoking and obesity can be contributing factors, as can repeated physical movements. Along with treating the herniated disc by using various natural methods, those who utilize a Merrifield, VA herniated disc specialist may also find it beneficial to alter the way in which they perform certain tasks or to change certain aspects of their lives.

Finding Pain Relief

When patients in Merrifield, VA look for a chiropractor they often seek out one who uses various methods. Chiropractic adjustments can offer relief from pain and will enable the natural healing process to begin. Eventually the bulging disc will no longer be irritated and it will go back into place. Using other methods, such as soft tissue therapy and physical rehabilitation, will support the healing process and allow for the strengthening of muscles in the affected area. When these treatments are combined, they can have a powerful healing effect.

Improving Your Quality of Life

When patients suffering from a herniated disc visit a Merrifield, VA chiropractor they often feel relief quickly. That relief may not be total, as this type of condition takes time to correct and heal, but most patients notice a difference after a few treatments. Once the cycle of pain is broken

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