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Merrifield VA Weight Loss Institute Helps Locals Lose Weight Fast

Merrifield VA Weight Loss Institute Helps Locals Lose Weight Fast

There’s a Merrifield, VA weight loss institute that’s devoted to helping residents lose weight safely, quickly and permanently. The secret isn’t in prepackaged foods, diet pills or starvation techniques. It’s done naturally and it involves a holistic medical approach that is supported by scientific studies, sound medical advice and a focus on good health.

Americans Are Overweight

It’s no secret that Americans are overweight. The bad news is this—two-thirds of the U.S. population is either overweight or obese. The good news is that 55% of those in the U.S. say that they want to lose weight. Half the battle in losing weight involves the overweight person possessing the desire to shed the pounds. If the desire is there, then it’s a matter of utilizing it to put a sound weight loss plan into action.

How It Works

Those looking for a Merrifield, VA weight loss institute want to find one in which guesswork is eliminated and the chance of error has been greatly reduced. A program that utilizes a mix of low calorie, low fat and nutritionally balanced liquid antioxidants with real food will help guide the way to a trimmer, lighter and healthier you. Also, consider a weight loss program that includes nutritional counseling and Physician supervision. This is someone who can help you reach your specific goals related to weight loss and good health, while considering your specific health history and challenges.

Programs that work by following simple, practical strategies and that eschew calorie and carbohydrate tracking or counting are based in the real world.

Three Phases

There are three phases to a successful weight loss program. The first is focused on actually ridding yourself of the excess weight. As this occurs and you get closer to your goal weight, you begin the transition phase. This is the period when you begin to really incorporate all aspects of your new way of eating into your daily life. This is essential, as many people will return to old eating habits after they lose weight and then simply gain it back.

Finally, there’s the weight maintenance phase. At that point, you’re not looking to lose any more weight. You are concerned with being able to keep your weight stable by eating sensibly and in a healthy manner.

Natural and Fast

Those who use a Merrifield, VA weight loss institute that utilizes such a program find that they lose weight quickly. How much weight? Men tend to lose weight faster than women.  There are various factors that influence weight loss, but the average range is anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds in 4-6 weeks.  And the great thing is that the weight loss is permanent, allowing each person to change his/her life for the positive. Don’t go with crazy fads, programs that embrace extreme measures or unsupervised weight loss. Those who lose weight and keep it off do it in a sensible manner and in a way that allows them to change the way in which they interact with food.

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