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Providing Orthotic Stabilizers with Comfort, Support, and Durability

What are Orthotic Stabilizers?

Orthotic stabilizers are orthopedic devices utilized to help correct various biomechanical foot conditions and other musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, hip pain, or knee pain. When someone’s feet are not functioning properly, the body’s weight is not adequately transferred and distributed. Consequently, pain and discomfort may develop in the feet, ankles, and other surrounding supportive musculature.

Orthotics functions to eliminate pain by realigning and stabilizing the structure of the foot, including bones and ligaments, properly so that biomechanical function is fully restored and other musculoskeletal conditions can be prevented.

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are shoe inserts that provide ultimate support and stabilization of the three arches of your foot all while providing maximum comfort and durability. This combination of support and comfort actively allows your body to improve its posture. The orthotics are scanned to fit your feet, but formulated to correct areas of your body which are misaligned and ultimately improve your posture.

Custom-made spinal stabilizers are available at Concept Chiropractic and Rehab. Each pair of orthotics are individually designed to specifically fit the structure of your foot and to stabilize your spine and pelvis by eliminating imbalances in your feet, which is the foundation of your body and support structure. These imbalances can exist even if you’re not suffering with foot pain. Though they may go undetected, these imbalances in your feet may the source of dysfunction causing postural misalignments, pain in other regions throughout your body, and exhaustion.


Are You a Candidate for Orthotic Stabilizers?

Consider the Following Signs and Symptoms:

  • The sole of one side of your shoe commonly wears out sooner than the other side
  • Feet point inward or outward more than usual when standing or walking
  • Frequent back pain, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, hip pain
  • Flat feet or reduced arches in your foot
  • Feet with an abnormally high arch
  • Frequently sprain foot or ankle
  • Shin Splints or pain in shins
  • Generalized foot pain after standing for a few minutes