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2826 Old Lee Highway #350
Fairfax, Va 22031

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Fairfax VA

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Fairfax VA

Product Overview

Every food choice we make on a daily basis is an opportunity to provide our bodies with ingredients to be healthy. At the small price of learning how to eat, what to eat, what your body needs, and putting the right food into your body – all weight loss goals can be met, and a healthy lifestyle achieved.

Our popular weight-loss program advocates making sustainable healthy choices. We promote fueling your body with only the most nutrient-dense food and supplements, as well as engaging in different forms of physical activity. We incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean protein to help detoxify your body and support weight-loss.

The products we offer include all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Our program’s well rounded system is intentionally designed  with your body’s complete health in mind.  It is not only designed for weight loss – but to bring your body back to how it should be properly running, back to the basics. But How? We can help you reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and avoid Diabetes.

A few key products that make our program successful includes: Raspberry Ketone Drops, Amino Acid Drops, Plant-based protein shakes, Multivitamin & metabolism-support shakes. All products we use are 100% natural; we would only recommend key nutrients in order to help you regain your health.

Many products advertised for weight loss actually contain harmful ingredients for your nutrition, such as artificial and chemical ingredients. Our our ingredient list promotes clean, high quality health. It is our sincere intention to provide products that are strictly natural and whole, especially due to increasing food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities throughout the past few decades.

Our Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss program in Northern Virginia includes our support along your entire journey to regain your health. By providing nutrition education, we will help you understand nutrition, apply the education, watch your health improve and pounds drop.

  • Raspberry Ketone Drops
  • Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Amino Acid Drops
  • Natural Whole-foods diet
  • Personalized nutrition counseling weekly
  • Physician-supervised
  • Nutritious customized recipes
  • Body, weight, and measurement recordings
  • Health Education for sustained weight loss
  • Specially formulated plant-based shakes

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