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Expert Sports Chiropractor in Treating and Managing Sports Injuries

The conservative care that Concept Chiropractic has been able to provide has received much recognition with regards to its successful management of sporting injuries. Since sports injuries mostly involve soft tissue ailments and because a majority of these injuries stem from dysfunctional body biomechanics and faulty sporting techniques, Concept Chiropractic has been consistently successful in managing and healing these conditions.

Successful treatment programs must center not only on pain relief, but must attend to the underlying causes such as muscular imbalances, biomechanical deficiencies, faulty sporting techniques, and inadequate conditioning, to name a few.

The more frequently injured areas of the body are the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and spine. Remember that you should talk about any exercise agenda with the staff at Concept Chiropractic before starting such activities.

Strains and Sprains

Although bones can occasionally be broken with acute sports injuries, the most consistently injured structures are the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Tendons join muscles to bones, and ligaments connect one bone to another.

A sharp distortion or overextension of a joint may cause tears of tendons and muscles which are called STRAINS. Tears of ligaments are subject to similar type trauma and are called STRAINS. These tears can vary from mild to severe. In mild trauma, minimal fibers are torn or stretched. Severe injuries, where there is a complete tear through the body of the structure, are normally considered unstable injuries and often entail surgical intervention. The intervertebral disc, a ligament cushioning the vertebrae of the spine, can also be torn, with the result being a probable disc bulge and/or herniation.

Ankle sprains normally involve tears of one or several of the ligaments down the outer surface of the ankle. Knee ligaments, together with the larger outer supportive ligaments and the smaller inner stabilizing ligaments, can also be damaged. The cartilage behind the patella (knee-cap) can also become battered from overuse, leading to a condition referred to as chondromalacia patella.


For those athletes who over exert themselves; overuse of a specific joint or joints in the body may result in pain and dysfunction. These injuries are called “overuse injuries.” A common overuse disorder is tendinitis, also termed tendinosis. In this injury, the tendon will inflame from repetitive overuse. In the shoulder, the rotator cuff becomes inflamed, resulting in tendinitis of the shoulder muscles. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondilitis is an additional form of tendinitis that occurs on the outside of the elbow, most commonly in tennis players. In golfer’s elbow, the tissues and tendons on the medial portion of the elbow are affected.

Stress fractures

Some athletes may suffer from a stress fracture. This type of fracture results when an uncharacteristic amount of stress is placed on normal bone. Runners, who quickly increase the amount of mileage while training for a race, may also experience a stress fracture.