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More than a half million visits are made to doctors’ offices each year for evaluation and treatment of scoliosis



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Modern, Innovative, Research Based Techniques that break the Pain Cycle

Every day, millions of Americans experience pain that affects the quality of their lives and often goes unevaluated or even treated. Overcoming pain can be a monumental challenge. Concept Chiropractic and Rehab offers treatment solutions for coping with and ultimately eliminating pain. Our research based techniques have provided effective and functional solutions to our patients for years, as we have helped people break the pain cycle and restore their health to a functional environment. We are aware of the chronic disabling effects pain has on your body, mind, and quality of life. The pain management techniques we provide at Concept Chiropractic are some of the most comprehensive and effective therapies available today in the world of alternative medicine.

Understanding the Pain Cycle

At Concept Chiropractic , we recognize that people dealing with chronic pain may find themselves trapped in a cycle of stress, pain, sadness and depression that frequently results in resorting to prescription pain medication for relief. This solution poses a huge problem because not only will this indirectly trap them further into the cycle of pain, but the drugs will only mask pain and other symptoms which are important indicators of what is wrong in the body.

When using these pain relieving drugs, which do not provide relief in most cases, the true source of pain is ignored and may linger in the body for several years. Research has revealed that the most effective pain management strategies utilize various techniques based on the individual, and resort to pain medication as a last option and in some cases, as an adjunct to therapy.