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Vienna Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Treatment

Vienna Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Treatment

Vienna chiropractor Dr. Shirine Hegazi is a good example for what back pain sufferers should expect when they seek chiropractic relief. Those in the Vienna area who visit a chiropractor should find treatment to be gentle, supportive and natural. At Concept Chiropractic and Rehab, this is exactly what back pain sufferers will discover.

Causes of Back Pain

The causes of back pain are numerous. Often it’s as simple as poor posture or an unsupportive car seat, chair or mattress. Other causes include stress placed on muscles when overextending during exercise or sports or injuries from auto accidents.

Muscles can become compromised, the discs located along the vertebrae can be aggravated and nerves can be harshly stimulated. The result is often excruciating back pain that can make sitting, standing, walking and even lying down painful. Treatment focuses on relieving stress in the injured or aggravated area in order to promote healing.

Back Pain and Treatments

When one gets help from a Vienna chiropractor such as Dr. Hegazi they find that there are no drugs involved and that treatments are nonintrusive. Gentle healing techniques are used to reduce inflammation in the affected region, alleviate pain and promote healing.

Sometimes back pain is related to what’s called a “pinched nerve.” The nerve is not actually pinched, but it is rather aggravated by injured muscles or a bulging disc. If muscles are affected, it means that in some way they have been put under undue stress and strain, causing them to stiffen and contract. Discs may be involved in back pain. Discs are the gelatin-like substance that separates each vertebrae allowing for smooth and painless movement of the spine. If they weaken, they can bulge and when that occurs they often impinge upon a nerve, causing excruciating pain.

Working Towards Being Pain Free

The goal is for the back pain sufferer to work towards being pain free. In order to aid in this process, the chiropractor uses various techniques to free and relax the muscles, promote the flow of blood and open the natural healing channels of the body. Often a patient feels relief in a relatively short amount of time. As inflammation of muscles, discs and nerves is reduced, the body begins to find its natural balance and the healing process continues. Pain is lessened and/or entirely eliminated.

Best Possible Results

Utilizing a Vienna chiropractor who focuses on the natural, gentle process of healing rather than merely masking the pain, patients find that they often get the best possible results. With a healthy back and an understanding of how to maintain that newfound health, the pain free individual is able to thoroughly enjoy activities they once had to curtail. Although many of us are used to reaching for the nearest pain reliever when we have a back spasm, most of us would be better off engaging the services of someone devoted to healing our pain rather than disguising it.

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