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What to do about Knee Pain Vienna VA

What to do about Knee Pain Vienna VA

Got Knee Pain? Consider Conservative Chiropractic Care.

Knee injuries are an all too common event in contact sports and other recreational activities. One of the frequent results of knee injury and/or subsequent knee surgery is ongoing pain in the front of the knee (called anterior knee pain) which is believed to cause a loss of strength in the muscles that extend the leg called the knee extensor group. This loss of strength, which they call muscle inhibition, has been blamed for the limited success of physical rehabilitation programs.

                A recent study has showed that chiropractic adjustments of the sacroiliac joint decreased the muscle weakness in patients with anterior knee pain. The researchers had observed previously in their clinical practice that the knee and leg problems often were associated with problems in the function of the sacroiliac joint (where the spine joins the pelvis), and the problems with the function of the lower (lumbar) spine. Adjusting the sacroiliac joint often relieved anterior knee pain in these patients. They designed this study to see if the muscle would also be strengthened in these patients. Eighteen patients were chosen with substantial muscle inhibition and anterior knee pain in a least on leg. Four of them had these problems in both legs. They found in the sacroiliac joint, a significant increase in knee extensor torque and a decrease in muscle inhibition resulted. In patients with anterior knee pain in both legs, muscle inhibition was decreased in both legs after sacroiliac joint adjustment.

                The researchers conclude that “chiropractic treatment may offer an attractive alternative or an adjunct to traditional rehabilitation for improving muscle function in patients with anterior knee pain and muscle inhibition.”

                In addition to manual manipulation of the sacroiliac joints, there are additional modern modalities that Chiropractors in Vienna apply to the knee to help relieve anterior knee pain and increase strength. Often where patients experience chronic bouts of knee pain with or without physical activity or trauma, there is a moderate amount of  inflammation and scar tissue build up around the knee joint and subsequently in the surrounding connective tissue. Vienna Chiropractors treating knee pain will resort to applying the Graston Technique, which is a functionally effective instrument assisted scar tissue reduction technique for most joints in the body. You can learn more about the Graston Technique by watching this.

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