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Why Should you see a Chiropractor?

Why Should you see a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic for Better Health

Have you found that your overall health has improved since using Chiropractic Care? An interesting study suggests that regular chiropractic care may indeed improve your overall health. There have been a number of other studies in the past that have pointed to better health in those under Chiropractic Care. Northern Virginia Chiropractic Doctors have always held the view that if the nervous system can function opitimally, the entire body can function better for optimum health.

Since the spine houses the spinal cord and virtually  all the nervous system communication between the brain and the rest of the body runs through that spinal cord, Fairfax Chiropractors focus on removing spinal problems that can interfere with the nervous system. Often this can relieve painful conditions like back or neck pain but our real priority  is to promote overall health, not just relieve pain.

The recent study may help explain why chiropractic patients under regular care may maintain better overall health and wellness. One of the markers in the body of health is the blood level of chemicals called thiols (serum thiols). The thiol level is a marker of DNA repair activity and higher level of thiols in the blood the body is healthier and more able to efficiently repair  damage to DNA. The thiol levels drop with a wide variety of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.


The Study compared 46 age-matched patients with active diseases against 21 healthy subjects who had been under chiropractic wellness care for 8 to 52 weeks and against a third group of 25 healthy patients who had been under chiropractic care much longer, from 1 to 6 years. They found significant differences in the blood thiol levels between the 3 groups.

The thiol levels were lowest in patients with active disease, even for patients that only had initial musculoskeletal complaints. The second group, asymptomatic subjects under chiropractic wellness care for 8 to 52 weeks, as expected had significantly higher average levels of thiol than those with active disease. Those in the third group, however, getting chiropractic care for 1 to 6 years, had the highest average levels.

In other literature normal levels in healthy people have been established so it is notable that they found some subjects under chiropractic wellness care had thiol levels that were higher than normal values of well people. This all suggests that regular chiropractic care helps to raise blood thiol levels and helps you fight DNA damage and disease.

Some may point out that perhaps people who chose regular chiropractic wellness care simply live healthier lives perhaps getting more exercise, eating better, or getting more sleep. Regular Chiropractic wellness care is part of a healthy lifestyle that all works together synergistically. In addition to regular chiropractic care at our clinic we work with you to help you exercise,eat, and sleep well to achieve optimum health and raise your body’s thiol levels.

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