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Injured on the job? Find relief

Injured at Work? We are experts in treating workers compensation injuries

You are not alone. Every year millions of Americans suffer an injury at work. Work injuries can stem from improper lifting, slipping and falling, sitting improperly, repetitive stress or other traumas. Back injuries are the leading work-related injury in the United States and are responsible for 75% of the injuries that cause an employee to lose time at work. Studies have shown 86% of working Americans will experience disabling back pain due to a work related injury at least once during their lifetime. Dr. Hegazi is a Chiropractor in Fairfax, Virginia with years of experience treating and rehabilitating injured workers and handling Worker’s Compensation Insurance Claims. If you were hurt on the job or were injured in a workplace accident, Workman’s Compensation Insurance benefits are provided as your source to receive medical treatment you need to recover. Referrals are not necessary to come to Concept Chiropractic and Rehab to see Dr. Hegazi.

Most common workers compensation conditions


Back pain is the most common condition suffered by Americans every year when injured at the job. Back pain accounts for an overwhelming 75% of injuries suffered that causes employees to lose time at work. Often times back injuries are caused by improper ergonomic workstations, heavy lifting, slipping and falling and other traumas to the body. Back injuries may often become disabling, depending on the physical conditioning of the employee prior to having an injury.


While back pain may be the most prevalent workers compensation injury, some workers may suffer more substantial back injuries that involve the intervertebral disc. A herniated disc occurs during a low back injury when the pressure inside of the disc, due to the repetitive trauma, forces the disc material to make contact with spinal nerve roots or even the spinal cord in extreme cases. Symptoms such as pain of the extremities, numbness and tingling and muscle weakness may occur in such cases.